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About Us

Frankowski Dental

We are one of the oldest implantology clinics in Poland, with many years of experience in the reconstruction and creation of a smile using dental implants.

We’re looking after the third generation of our patients already, continually following the development of surgery and implantology around the world.

Dentistry is one of the fastest growing medical fields. Over the past decades, the technology of teeth treatment and reconstruction has undergone a true revolution. Thanks to innovative methods, we can achieve what seemed impossible just 10 years ago, as evidenced by the metamorphoses of our patients.

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  • Immediate reconstruction of the smile
  • We provide a nice, family atmosphere
  • We are the precursor of implantology in Poland
  • We have over 30 years of experience


Our specializations

A modern dentist in Gdańsk for the whole family

Modern dentistry is based on three pillars: comprehensive diagnostics, high-grade equipment, and qualified staff. We set higher and higher goals for ourselves: we listen carefully to patients and constantly train under the guidance of professionals from Poland and abroad. Thanks to this, we can propose innovative methods of teeth treatment and reconstruction (even in the case of many cavities or edentulism).

We are well aware that the dentist is a profession of public trust. In our clinic in Gdańsk for many years we have been doing everything to earn it. We use modern anaesthesia methods that effectively minimize discomfort associated with a dentist appointment. We approach treatment in a holistic way, skilfully combining dentistry with orthodontics, implantology, prosthetics and diagnostics of the temporomandibular joints. Our goal, however, is not only the treatment of patients, but also education on oral hygiene, which is the basis of a healthy and beautiful smile.


Patients about us

Niesamowita i profesjonalna opieka. nawet dla osoby która panicznie boi się dentystów :-) widzimy się za tydzień, w końcu się nie boję, i jestem bardzo szczęśliwa. Pani Sylwia jest niesamowicie profesjonalna i ciepła osoba.

-  Agnieszka Rydel, Gdańsk

Jestem bardzo zadowolona. Cały personel,dr.Frankowski,dr.Jankowski i oczywiście P.Monika(mój opiekun) to wspaniali,kochani profesjonaliści. Nie mogłam trafić lepiej

-  Marzena Gniłka, Gdańsk

Pani doktor Malgosia leczy mnie i cała moja rodzine od 20 lat. Pełen profesjonalizm!!!

-  Karolina Saxon, Gdynia

Polecam z całego serca , przemiły personel i super podejście do pacjenta :)

-  Julita Damian Górtatowscy, Grodziczno

Polecam z całego serca. Wspaniały, zaangażowany i przyjazny personel, a co najważniejsze, podejście do małego pacjenta.

-  Karolina Brzoska, Kowale

Polecam z całego serca .Pełen profesjonalizm .Bardzo miła obsługa. Wszyscy uśmiechnięci i pozytywnie nastawieni do pacjeta .

-  Marzena Jałowska


Close, safe, and comfortable


A dentist is a doctor to whom patients come regardless of age. That is why we offer comprehensive treatment of adults and children in our clinic in Gdańsk. We specialize, among others, in implantology, jaw surgery, periodontology, pediatric dentistry, aesthetic and endodontics. We work on certified equipment, in compliance with all sanitary standards. We do not forget about the mental comfort of our patients, creating a friendly place for whole families. Our dental clinic is located in one of the best-connected districts of Gdańsk: Żabianka. There is a bus, tram and SKM platform stop close-by. Motorized patients – not only from Gdańsk, but also located near Sopot and Gdynia, will easily reach us.

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