Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and treatment of teeth and oral diseases in children.

We warmly invite our little patients to Frankowski Dental for treatment without haste in a stress-free atmosphere with staff who will take care of our children and provide them with proper care. Our office has the latest equipment and high-quality materials. We treat at a minimum level of stress, and we make sure that our little patient associates a visit to the dentist only with pleasant feelings.

We offer instructions to small patients on brushing their teeth, as well as prophylactic treatments that will protect their teeth. Of course, we carry out the treatment of carious lesions and root canal treatment of deciduous and immature teeth. Caring for milk teeth will ensure healthy permanent teeth and form good habits in our children for life.

Small patients require special care and care. We know how to make a visit to the dentist an interesting adventure!

We invite parents and guardians to visit Frankowski Dental, during which the qualified medical staff will present you the advantages of sedation in pediatric dentistry and familiarize you with the procedures applicable during the procedure.

We are at your disposal and will help you dispel any fears or ambiguities regarding the use of sedation in children. Dental procedures under general anesthesia are ideal for young children. In the case of several-year-old children, with extensive caries, sedation is the best solution. Children are not patient, they are often afraid of the dentist, they do not want to cooperate. Sometimes, despite many visits, we are unable to carry out effective treatment, and visits are stressful for both children and their parents. And thanks to the use of sedation, the doctor is able to cure all cavities in the child’s mouth during one visit.

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