Conservative dentistry deals with treatment of hard tooth tissues, for which we use nanoceramic materials that allow for very aesthetic restorations and at the same time are characterized by high durability and strength. Fillings model better and after polishing, they acquire an abrasion-resistant gloss. Their colour and translucency allow for a very aesthetic reconstruction of the missing part of the tooth.

Large reconstructions of tooth crowns require special provision with Inlay– or Onlay-type crown insoles. These works are made by a prosthetic technician based on taken silicone impressions, and then glued into the prepared place with a special cement.

Tooth enamel is strengthened with fluoridation treatments, as well as protected against caries by sealing fissures.


The mysteriously sounding name “endodontics” is simply a branch of dentistry dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the pulp and periapical tissues, also known as root canal treatment. The problem is most often caused by tooth damage or fractures or advanced caries.

The treatment is carried out using very thin instruments and endometers, at high magnification under a microscope, thanks to which it is possible to thoroughly clean the root canals of bacteria and tissue debris. An important element of endodontics is X-ray diagnostics.

Root canal treatment saves a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. Properly performed endodontic treatment allows you to keep the tooth for many years. This solution is cheaper and less invasive than replacing the tooth with an implant and prosthetic reconstruction.

At Frankowski Dental, Dr. Magda Ociesa specializes in particularly advanced endodontic procedures. It’s nice and painless. Visit us and see for yourself!

Indications for endodontic treatment:

  • deep carious cavities
  • pulp necrosis
  • pulp gangrene
  • mechanical injuries of the tooth (dislocations, fractures)
  • planned prosthetic treatment
  • inflammation of the periapical tissues
  • nincorrectly performed first endodontic treatment (leaky root canal fillings, fragments of tools left in the canal, etc.).


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