FRANKOWSKI DENTAL offers a full range of prosthetic works. We have our own, well-equipped prosthetic laboratory, which is why we can afford to lower the prices of works while maintaining their high quality. Direct contact between the patient, the doctor and the technician guarantees the ability to perform the most complex restorations in a short time.

With us you can get immediate reconstruction. Then, in our laboratory, experienced technicians Beata Zaborska and Jacek Jurczyk will prepare the final crown made of the highest quality materials and high-end equipment. It is worth knowing that we work with components and devices from WORLD-RENOWNED companies: Ivoclar Vivadent GC, Vita Zahnfabrik, DeguDent, Heraeus Kulzer, Bredent, Nobel Biocare, Bego.

During the examination, we assess the needs and possibilities of prosthetic reconstruction. Using the face bow, we assess the range of movements in the temporomandibular joint and its mechanics, which is a necessary condition for programming an individual articulator in which the patient’s bite will be reconstructed. For better visualization, based on the taken impressions and measurements, the technician performs work in wax on the models, the “wax up”. At this point, we decide on the choice of a solution that will be accepted by the patient. On the basis of the jaw clenching analysis we create the mock-up, i.e. a temporary reconstruction in the patient’s mouth. In this way, you can evaluate the final effect of the proposed solution.


Permanent prosthetic restorations are made of porcelain and titanium. Research shows that these materials are the best tolerated in the oral cavity. They can be placed on the patient’s own teeth or with the use of implants inserted in places of missing teeth.

For the most demanding persons, we offer high-strength all-ceramic restorations made of zirconium oxide. Crowns made of zirconium oxide are primarily biocompatible with our body and do not cause allergies. The gum “clings” to the zirconia, and with the tendency to lower the gums (as in the case of periodontitis), we remove the dark strip around the gingival margin in these works. In this way, we obtain the appearance of prosthetic crowns almost identical to the appearance of natural teeth.

At Frankowski Dental, we work on two types of zirconia. We mainly perform the work in our laboratory using the excellent Degudent milling machine or we make Procera crowns that are milled in the USA. In both cases, zirconium is of high quality, does not crack, does not chip and looks beautiful.

The difference here lies mainly in the length of the warranty. We give a 3-year warranty for our works, but the waiting period for work is shorter, because we create the entire crown on site. The Procera is cut in the USA, which extends the waiting time to about a week. For this, the patient receives a 5-year warranty (including for the “chipping” – porcelain chips) and a “crown passport” respected all over the world (meaning repairs can be made outside the country in case of emergency).


To eliminate imperfections in the appearance of the teeth, discoloration, wrong setting, or undesirable shape, we use non-invasive all-ceramic veneers. These are thin porcelain flakes with a thickness of approx. 0.5 mm, which, with minimal preparation of the tooth surface, give an excellent cosmetic effect. When designing, we use our own CAD/CAM computer system, in our laboratory we can produce a zirconia prosthetic superstructure within 2-3 days.

More extensive cases of missing teeth can be treated with acrylic dentures or more physiological skeletal dentures. For their good maintenance, we use bolts and latches fixed on the patient’s crowned teeth.

Extensive tooth gaps are best supplemented with implant-mounted works, because they usually do not burden the already weakened teeth, but strengthen the occlusal conditions, giving our patients confidence and satisfaction for many years.

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