We treat without pain and without stress, in full comfort.

In our daily work, we often encounter a situation where the paralyzing fear of the dentist – dentophobia – effectively prevents patients from visiting the dentist even for many years, condemning them to pain and loss of health.

We want to convince even the most sensitive patients that dental procedures do not have to be associated with suffering. At Frankowski Dental, we carry out all procedures as painlessly as possible. We have a whole range of safe means and equipment, thanks to which the discomfort during the procedure can be reduced to zero. Adding to this a nice atmosphere and friendly environment, we assure you that you will have no reason to be afraid.

We possess The Wand apparatus, a computer-aided anaesthetic. We can also avoid or alleviate pain and swelling after surgical procedures with gentle cooling with hilotherapy. Hiloterm allows you to reduce the intake of painkillers to a minimum. In addition, we have treatments with the use of nitrous oxide, i.e. the laughing gas.

Nitrous oxide assisted treatment

This is an excellent solution for patients who experience panic fear of dental treatment, find it difficult to sit still or experience other discomfort in the dental chair. Laughing gas does not cause fits of laughter, but a state of physical relaxation, pleasant daze, while maintaining the patient’s basic reflexes and consciousness. The use of nitrous oxide is a completely safe and effective method of eliminating anxiety, recommended even for children.

Sedation assisted treatment

On request, we carry out treatments in deep sedation. Thanks to such anaesthesia, the patient can undergo comprehensive treatment during one visit. Such a procedure, contrary to many opinions, is a very safe procedure, as long as it is carried out in a facility such as Frankowski Dental with full anaesthesiology inventory and the supervision of an anaesthesiologist.

Sedation is the ideal solution for people suffering from the aforementioned dentophobia, as well as for people with physical or mental disabilities or those suffering from diseases that make it difficult to plan systematic treatment. In order to ensure comfort and a sense of security, we recommend general anaesthesia as a solution that ensures comprehensive treatment, e.g. of children affected by neurological disorders.

Dental procedures under deep sedation are ideal for children. Children are not patient, they are often afraid of the dentist, they do not want to cooperate. Sometimes, despite many visits, we are unable to carry out effective treatment, and visits are stressful for both children and their parents. And thanks to the use of sedation, the doctor is able to cure all cavities in the child’s mouth during a single visit.

Before starting the proper treatment, the patient, or his legal guardian in the case of children or people with whom contact is difficult, is interviewed by an anaesthesiologist who qualifies for the procedure. The doctor asks in detail about the diseases, learns about the history of diseases and the occurrence of other conditions that may be a possible contraindication – e.g. identified as a result of allergy tests.

All information regarding the state of our health should be provided factually and specifically, because effective and appropriate treatment will depend mainly on this complete knowledge. It will also protect the patient from possible postoperative complications.

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