Aesthetic dentistry allows you to improve the appearance of your teeth without interfering with their tissues. Healthy teeth are the foundation of a beautiful smile. However, we can correct the shape and colour of the teeth, giving them freshness and shine. The smile is a key aspect of a person’s appearance, it attracts attention and influences our perception by those around us as well as gives us self-confidence. It’s worth taking care of its quality.

At Frankowski Dental, to improve the effect of a beautiful smile, we offer two methods of teeth whitening:

The Home at night method
Whitening gel is deposited in an individually prepared overlay. It is put on the teeth for 4-6 nights.

One-session office method
Under the supervision of a doctor, a whitening gel is applied to the teeth for about 30-40 minutes, while irradiation with a laser lamp accelerates obtaining the right colour. During the whitening period, i.e., about 10-14 days, the so-called “white diet” in which foods do not contain colouring substances is necessary. We avoid, for example, beets, blueberries, red wine, herbal infusions. Correction of fillings should be carried out only after whitening because composites do not lighten.

*** Interestingly, it is possible to whiten a dead tooth after root canal treatment. If the tooth has darkened after such treatment, we can lighten it to the desired color.

*** Remember, crowns and veneers do not whiten. Just like fillings that can be replaced with brighter ones after about 2 weeks from the whitening procedure.

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