FRANKOWSKI DENTAL possesses top-class diagnostic equipment.

This is a necessary condition to maintain the world-class level of treatment. The latest generation equipment is safe for the patient. This allows the doctor to correctly assess the conditions in order to plan treatment.

When planning treatment, we always start with a conversation with the patient, an interview confirmed by a physical examination. At this stage, it is necessary to perform radiovisiography, and, in justified cases, computed tomography (we use modern equipment that is safe and meets European Union standards). Thanks to diagnostics, we assess therapeutic possibilities: the condition of the teeth, the shape of the jaws, the course of anatomical structures, e.g. nerves. It is also possible to detect the presence of pathogenic changes, root fractures, or evaluate previous treatment results.

As a team, we consult the procedures to obtain optimal solutions that improve the occlusal conditions and aesthetic appearance. Together we decide what additional research should be implemented.

Digital radiovisiography allows us to take both pantomographic and cephalometric images to the extent necessary for current procedures – from general prophylaxis to more complex activities such as implantation or surgery, to orthodontic analysis.

The intraoral digital radiography system with reduced radiation dose allows for smooth and fast service. The doctor can precisely assess the condition of the tooth or periodontal tissues, take measurements, and evaluate the treatment results during the procedure in the patient’s chair, without having to go to another room. This is a necessary condition for good treatment, especially in endodontics.

Computed tomography is a fundamental test in preparation for the All-on-4 procedure. It allows us to assess the condition of the patient’s bones and precisely plan the implant placement. 

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