We provide a guarantee for all work performed at Frankowski Dental.

However, we must remind you that the Patient retains the guarantee when he meets 3 basic conditions:

1) visits for a dental check-up at least once a year
2) undergoes oral hygiene procedures
3) follows their doctor’s instructions.

*In justified cases, warranty inspection may be necessary more than once a year. As a result of any complications related to our treatment, please contact your lead doctor or doctor Wiesław Frankowski.


Implants are covered by a 5-year warranty if the patient undertakes subsequent stages of treatment and performs control and hygienic visits appointed by the doctor.

All-ceramic restorations (crowns, bridges) are covered by a 3-year warranty. If there are missing teeth causing overloading of the reconstruction, the patient is obliged to improve the occlusal conditions within six months. If he withdraws from further planned treatment, the warranty period is shortened to 6 months. For patients with symptoms of bruxism, there is a 2-year warranty period with the possibility of extending it with the use of splint therapy.

Housings on metal, ceramic or composite are covered by a 3-year warranty in the case of occlusion without extensive tooth loss and overloading resulting from concomitant bruxism.

Removable dentures are provided with a 2-year warranty. In the case of significant tooth loss, the period is shortened to 6 months with the possibility of extension after their completion.

Crown-root inlays are covered by a 1-year warranty if, in the doctor’s opinion, the reconstructed tooth is not excessively overloaded.

Light-cured fillings are covered by a 1-year warranty, if the reconstruction is not excessively risky, e.g. due to overly extensive reconstruction, when there are indications for prosthetic reconstruction. If root canal treatment is necessary during the warranty period, the patient bears the cost of this treatment and the cost of filling above the price of the original filling.

Work carried out at the patient’s request against the doctor’s recommendations is not covered by the warranty.
We do not guarantee temporary restorations, including temporary crowns and immediate dentures.

The loss of the warranty occurs in the case of:

  • withdrawal from the treatment plan, partial completion of the work, making corrections outside of our clinic
  • non-compliance with doctor’s recommendations, i.e. control visits, hygienization visits.
  • damage to the treated tooth, e.g. fracture due to trauma, complications resulting from the deterioration of the patient’s general condition, e.g. changes in diet, post-chemotherapy conditions.

In the event of complications arising from the treatment carried out in our clinic, the patient is asked to contact us immediately in order to minimize them.

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