Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the condition of the tissues surrounding the tooth. The maintenance of teeth depends on them. Disturbing symptoms, such as uncovering surfaces of tooth roots, their increased mobility, bleeding, unpleasant smell from the mouth or changes in the appearance of the gums should prompt a periodontal consultation.

The condition of the periodontium depends on the bacteria that settle on the surface of tooth roots. The soft plaque consisting of food sediment and bacteria is gradually mineralized, turning into tartar. This causes inflammation and gradual bone loss and lowering of the gums. Because inflammatory reactions have an immunological background, in the weakened, the elderly, cancer patients, and persons with weakened immune resistance, inflammation of the periodontium deepens. People with hormonal disorders (adolescence or pregnancy) can also suffer from this type of ailment.

The removal of tartar, dental deposits, and polishing of exposed root surfaces is the task of hygienic procedures of scaling and sandblasting. They should be carried out at least once a year, and in people at risk of periodontal disease every 3-6 months. We provide special care to patients after implantological procedures, where increased hygiene guarantees the preservation of implants.

At Frankowski Dental, we use the VECTOR ultrasonic system, which is very effective and minimally invasive during the treatment of periodontium, periimplatitis and oral hygiene treatments.

A special fluid containing hydroxyapatite polishes and at the same time closes dentinal tubules, thus eliminating tooth hypersensitivity. In more serious cases, it is necessary to carry out the so-called curettage, i.e., deep cleaning of pathological granulation tissue that fills the spaces around the tooth due to tissue loss. Mechanical preparation of sharp, rough surfaces to which bacteria easily attach is very important, because they injure the gums and cause bleeding.

In order to keep the loose teeth as long as possible, we connect them together – splint – using materials reinforced with glass fibre or we make a splint-denture. This helps to rebuild the bones and thus strengthens the anchoring of the teeth.

BIO-OSS and Emdogein biomaterials allow for the reconstruction and regeneration of lost tissues. Meanwhile, gum surgery treatments (gingivectomies, flap surgeries, vestibular deepening surgeries, covering the recession of exposed roots) greatly improve their condition and functions.

In our centre, we put special emphasis on early hygienization of the patient. Prevention is the best weapon against parodontosis. Professionally prepared assistants conduct oral cavity cleaning workshops. We teach how to effectively eliminate bacteria and plaque by brushing, flossing and irrigation. For patients with large prosthetic restorations or problems with periodontium, we especially recommend rinsing with a special “Water Pik” device.

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