In the treatment process at FRANKOWSKI DENTAL, we place great emphasis on developing proper hygiene habits in our patients, which will allow them to take care of their own teeth and prosthetic reconstructions.

Regular professional hygienization is the basis for periodontal disease prevention!

Our specialized hygienist will not only clean your teeth, but also show you how to brush them, and teach you how to use dental irrigators and dental floss.

We recommend scaling, i.e., removal of dental deposits using ultrasounds, at least once a year. In people with periodontal problems (bleeding, inflammation of the gums or deep periodontal pockets), the procedures should be performed even once a quarter. In this way, we get rid of plaque, which becomes calcified and injures the gingival epithelium. We also eliminate pathological bacterial strains responsible for periodontal damage and those responsible for carious cavities. The products of bacterial metabolism are the cause of the unpleasant smell from the mouth.

At Frankowski Dental, we pay special attention to care for hygiene and dental prophylaxis of people with reduced immunity, cancer patients, people after chemotherapy, diabetics, kidney patients, cardiological patients, the elderly, as well as those with hormonal changes. Periodontitis is common in pregnant women and adolescents.

Debridement is an essential procedure for patients with prosthetic restorations, e.g. implant work. In this case, it is not only about the health and durability of the restoration – the condition for the guarantee for these works is regular professional scaling. Then we avoid complications in the form of “peri-implantitis“, and implants serve us for many years.

We have top-class equipment, such as ultrasonic scalers and sandblasters. For inflamed periodontal tissues, we use the Vector apparatus, which, thanks to its unique functionality, not only cleans, but also polishes and complements damage to the tooth surface with hydroxyapatite particles.

Prophylactic treatments fluoridation and impregnation strengthen the surface of the teeth, protecting them against the effects of harmful acids produced by bacteria.

Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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